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Dream House

These building blocks for kids build on your child’s creativity, as the kid gets on the task of building different objects using the plastic blocks. With this building blocks toy for kids, the emphasis is on building a dream house. There are 315 plastic blocks that can be fitted against each other to build up different objects.

Let Your Child Learn Through the Trial and Error Method

Kids love to build and break blocks apart and this toy will give your kid hours of fun as it engages them in different building activities. The building blocks for kids’ toy gives your child the choice and avenue to correct mistakes. In this way the child builds just the right object or house through the trial and error method.

Help Your Child Develop Problem-Solving Skills

There are 315 blocks that come in different shapes, sizes and colours. This would give your child an opportunity to identify these differences when building the project. The building blocks for kids poses it own challenges during the construction. This would stimulate the mind to think differently and come up with new ideas and add to your child’s problem-solving skills. This building block set for kids also helps your little one to develop new motor skills.

Great Engineering Project for Your Child

In this building block set for kids, your child can create a building that could be a single-story structure or more. The child can also build the front yard, terrace or any other feature. This toy is made from materials which are safe for your child’s play.

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