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Nivia TopGrip Basket Ball No.5 (100% Original)

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Nivia is a leading sports and fitness brand in India that creates sports equipment for players of all ages and of all levels of skill. With evolving, innovative technologies and cutting edge design this brand aims for a brighter future for sports in the nation.

The Nivia Top Grip Basketball is one basketball that gives you the performance you need. Your basketball games only get better when you play with a ball that is tough and durable. the Nivia Top Grip Basketball meets the highest standards of quality and performance and has been approved by the Basketball Federation of India.

The size 5 basketball is made from rubber and has a leather feel. The ball has a broad, deep-groove pattern and high-grip pebbles that help give you better grip. The nylon wound basketball has a butyl bladder that efficiently retains air and keeps up the shape of the ball. Suitable for hard-floor indoor and outdoor games.


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