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HotWHeels Color Shifters Splash Science Lab For Kids

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HotWHeels Color Shifters Splash Science Lab For Kids

Splash or dunk your Hot Wheels Color Shifters vehicle in water and watch your ride transform right before your very eyes it’s like having two Hot Wheels cars in one! Re-dunk the car in warm or icy water to change it’s color back again. Some vehicles even feature multi-color transformations. With a wide variety of deco’s and a rainbow of hues, there’s something cool for every car fan.

It’s a Mad, Mad World

A mad scientist has trapped a Hot Wheels Color Shifters car beneath a color change waterfall and is experimenting with all kinds of crazy color combos. Kids will love the excitement of the Color Splash Science Lab where the color change experiments have gone out of control and only they and their Color Shifters cars can save the day.

Where Fun Meets Insane Action

Boys love action sets full of dangerous challenges, adventure and excitement. They will have a blast navigating this themed water and speed play set trying to escape from the mad scientist’s lab and creating a variety of imaginative color combinations with this fun play set.

Let’s Go Crazy

The thrills begin by launching a Color Shifters car around the track and releasing the trapped car from beneath the waterfall. Time it wrong and your car will be trapped by the mad scientist instead. Hit the release lever to free your car to safety, dunking it into the tank, and returning the car’s color back to normal.

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