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Zephyr Mechanix Motorized Robotix 0 System for kids

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Mechanix Game has been famous since last 2 decades to enchance creativity among kids. Mechanix teaches a kid how to build things from basic spare parts and screws. But now this game has gone modern with their Robotix Collection. This game lets a kid not only build different models of car rather it also has battery and motor option to make that car run. It also teaches the kid how to use gears along with motors to make something work. This latest model contains 84 pieces, and has been crafted from steel, which are power coated. Superior plastic and selected tools, echo friendly for your children. The parts can be used over and over again. At least 5 models can be created using these parts and more depending upon your level of creativity and imagination. Gift it to your child and the step-by-step manual will hold his hand and guide him through the introduction. Then there is no looking back, and see his imagination soar…To satiate the creative instincts of budding engineers. So get set to see those soft hands building some new models from their dreamy world.

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Weight 445 g
Dimensions 22 × 4 × 18 cm


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