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Mattel Uno Card Game With Customizable Wild Cards – Multicolor

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  • Four suits of 25 cards each, plus the eight Wild cards
  • Earn points from other players when you go out first
  • Reach 500 points to win the standard game
  • Two-handed, partner, and tournament options for even more action
  • Everything you need to know is inside the instruction guide

Brand – Mattel
Type – Uno Card Game
Age – 7 to 12 Years
Box dimensions – 14.5 x 9 x 2 cm

Items included in Package
1 Pack of Uno Card Game
1 Instruction Guide
Be the first player to get rid of your cards in each round and score points for the cards your opponents are left holding. Points in rounds accumulate and the first player to reach 500 win. For a classic game of Uno, take the wild swap hands card and 3 wild customizable cards out of the deck.