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Intex Inflatable 5.5 Feet Rectangular Pool-Blue

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Intex Inflatable Pool for Little Swimmers children love to have fun in water and what better way than to let them enjoy in a miniature swimming pool. The Intex inflatable rectangular pool brings a replica of a real pool for use in the open space. All you need to do is place it in your garden or in the open terrace and fill it with sufficient water. Kids will enjoy bathing under the sun in a place surrounded by flowers and trees. The inflatable pool is an outdoor fun accessory which is easy to use. The make-believe pool is made of thick and durable blue inflatable plastic which makes it last long. Unlimited water fun for toddlers. The blue plastic contributes to making the pool look as much close to a real one as possible. The air-filled inflatable pool toy is light in weight and easy to move from one place to another. It is recommended for kids one to ten year, so they can have some pool fun right under your nose. Part of the range of Intex inflatable toys, this pool has a capacity of holding 128L of water. It is a thoughtfully built fun accessory that ensures unlimited fun and enjoyment.

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Weight 1700 g
Dimensions 166.37 × 100.33 × 28 cm


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