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Honey Bee Baby Booster Seat/Swing (Blue, 5 In 1)

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Honey Bee Baby Booster Seat/Swing (Blue, 5 In 1)

Baby Infant and Toddler seat cum swing is a 5 in 1 product and is very useful product for small babies. It is used as a unisex product. It also has many new features i.e., it can also be made as a dinning chair at the time of dinner with family. It also has a feeding tray which is usable for your baby for enjoying his/her favorite meal and drinks while being seated. It can also be used for your child’s comfort. This seat also have an adjustable feature which can also be used by parents in any kind of work and can be used in between regular chairs. For your baby, this seat can also be made up as a swing so that your baby can enjoy while seated. Heavy ropes are provided in the chair for the safety o your baby. It can be used as car seat while travelling. You can tie the car seat belt over this seat and drive safely. Important Note: Adults supervision is highly required. Do not move the seat, while baby is sitting on the chair. Clean the surface of the seat frequently using soft cloth. Avoid direct sunlight, Handle the baby seat with care, Ropes are provided with the baby toddler seat.

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Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 36 × 29 × 40 cm


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