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Educational Notebook Computer with 22 Activities & Games Laptop For Kids

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  • The Connections That Children Make Between Shapes, Words And Pictures. It Strengthens Their Comprehension, Reading, Following Directions, Specialising In Tasks, And Motor Development.
  • Perfect gifting option to you Loved one’s & boast aroung in your friend circle
  • 22 Educational Functions: Missing Letter. Spelling Correction. Scrambled Word. Extra Letter. Anagram. Plural. Antonym. Flash Memory. Mathematics. Addition. Subtraction. Multiplication. Division. Completing Equation. Smaller / Larger. Numbering Logic. Percentages. Algebra. Geometry. Music. Karaoke. Dance to Music. Music Maker. Game & Amusements. Keyboard Typing. Typing Practice. Stone-Paper-Scissors. Tower of Hanoi. Shape Puzzle. Discovery. Tic-Tac-Toe. Grand Prix. Demo.
  • It Is Very Beneficial For Preschoolers To Prepare Themselves With The Basics Of Language, Matematcics Etc. It Is A Fun Tool That Combines Fun And Learning For Children.