Annie Spin Tambola Kids and Family Board Game with 600 Tickets, home Play Entertainer With Automatic Counter Spin Dispensor

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ANNIE SPIN TAMBOLA BOARD GAME All time complete Family Entertainment Game. Tambola can be played by as many players as there are tickets available. The Leader distribute the ticket to each player. First Assemble the rocket shaped automatic counter dispenser then put all the 90 numbers counters inside the Rocket Shaped Automatic counter dispenser then twist the crank (handle) to spin the inner plate of dispenser, the numbered counter will come out automatically at the bottom. The leader will call that extract out number and all players will mark/strike the corresponding number on their ticket if the number appears on their ticket. Simultaneously the leader will place the extract out number on the correspondent number on his playing checking board and take out the another number by twisting the crank again. The game will continue in the same manner until one of the player claims for the the winning the line (Row)/ corner/Early 5 numbers /Full house or any other winning conditions as players have set earlier before starting the game. The best part is the Rocket Shaped Automatic Counter Dispensor which you can assemble & put the plastic numbered tokens inside so when you spin it it dispenses tokens one by one removing any chance of cheating.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 40 × 6 × 23 cm

In The Box : – 1 Playing Checking Board 90 Numbered Plastic Counter 1 Booklet of Tickets having 600 Tickets 1 Rocket Shaped Automatic Counter Dispenser photo Spin Tambola.

Dimensions : Box : 40 x 23 x 6 CMs Game Board : 30 x 22 CMs Ticket Size : 10.5 x 4 CMs Plastic Token Diameter : 1 cm Token Dispenser : 11 CMs (Height) x 10 CMs x 10 CMs

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