About Us

Passion may be a friendly or eager interest in or admiration for a proposal,
cause, discovery, or activity or love to a feeling of unusual excitement.

How It all Began

It all began in August 2017, we were staying at neighbourhood of Chandigarh. There was no good
toyshop available, but locality is surrounding with full of societies and in societies children’s, parents
and grandparents all have their own friend circle. If there is kid’s birthday in society and any member
of his/her family is friend of any member of your family, then your kids get invited for the function.
In this way your kids get invited for Birthday function once or twice every week and you need gift for
the function. Gift should be toy or any other kids item.

To buy toys and gifts, we had to travel near about 10 kilometres once or twice in a week. In today’s
busy life it is very hard to take 2-4 hours every week for toy and gift shopping. We explored online
options to get rid of it, but no e-commerce site can deliver toys and gift in same or next day. This
problem drives us to come with plan to deliver wide range of toys and gifts at everyone’s door step
in same or next day.

At Toyoos

We are driven by the importance of delivery product in right time. We create hubs in every locality
from where our executive can pick products and deliver directly to you in same or next day. At the
time of delivery our executive can show you product is functional and in good condition. Buyers can
request for gift wrap at the time of order placement. Our executive can gift wrap product at your
door step after showing you product is functional and in good condition.